One Truth 818 Serum

Below are a selection of testimonials from real women in New Zealand who trialed One Truth 818 for just 8 weeks. Follow the links below to hear what they say about their results. 

Merryn Phillips

Used for 8 weeks, forehead, crows feet and sensitivity has reduced exponentially. Thinks it is a great product.

Meryin Phillips Testimonial Image

Wendy Crendfelt 

Used serum for eight weeks and about three weeks into treatment she looked more radiant and wrinkles are almost gone.

Wendy Crendfelt Testimonial image 

Kath McLeod 

Kath Mcleod Used serum for 8 weeks. Loss of pigmentation and moles have reduced. Reduce in wrinkles on neck.

Kath McLeod Testimonial image

Liliana Welch

Skin feels smother, texture is softer, pores look and feel smaller and reduced dark hormonal pigmentation.

Liliana Welch Testimonial image


Before and after Images....

Please find below, a selection of before and after images from the New Zealand and U.S trials all after using One Truth 818 morning and evening for 8 weeks. 

Fine Lines and Crows Feet

Anon Main image

Jackie Sanders Crows Feet Main Image 

Lyn Baker Crowsfeet

Louise Gray Crowsfeet Main Image


Wendy Crenfeldt Nose Pigmentation

Mieke Habeck Crowsfeet Eye Pigmentation

Grant Triplow Pigmentation

Neck Issues and Skin Texture 

Jenny Carter Neck Chin Fine Line 2 Main Image

Kath McLeod Chin and Neck

Louise Gray Neck and Chin

Mieke Habeck Neck Main Image 

Mieke Habeck Skin Complexion

Mieke Habeck Skin Complexion Mouth and Cheek


Forehead Lines

Arron Bartrum Forehead BA

Caro Wong Forehead Fine Lines Main image


Skin Scanner Images... changes beneath the surface revealed! 

Arron Bartrum Complexion BA

Kim Hinton Chin Complexion

Merryn Phillips Complexion

Michelle Dale D Nose and Chin 2

Renee Lefeber Reduced Redness Nose and Cheeks Main Image

Shelley Flickling Mouth and Chin 2