About Us

One Truth 818 Serum was created by the Chase Life Extension Foundation in collaboration with Dr Bill Andrews who agreed to put his telomerase inducing molecule, Tam-818 into the serum to fund his ongoing research into age reversal with a hope that one day he will use his discoveries to find cures for diseases such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s, and non age-related diseases such as AIDS.

The ultimate goal of the Chase Life Extension Foundation is to improve life and health span by bringing you a wide range of products that support a long and healthy life.

Our company’s roadmap is exciting not only to us but to everyone who believes they can enjoy their lives and families with a quality of life once only dreamed of.

Founded in 2013, CLEF was created to change people’s beliefs about growing old.  We challenge the widely accepted premise that one must age and lose the ability to do the things they love.

There is no decree that states you must physically and mentally decline, so why subscribe to that theory?  There is certainly enough research and science to defy it and it is our mission to bring that to you.

You can find more information about the work of the chase life foundation on their website www.tam818.com